Su Componidori

Su Componidori

Su Componidori

Componidori is the main character or ‘king of Sartiglia.” His figure each year reprises the role of the maintainer of the ancient tournaments and jousting as "compone" or driving and controlling the race, challenging the other riders who participate.


On the 2nd of February each year (as mentioned in the liturgical calendar feast of Candlemas) the highest authorities of the two orders of the gremi appoint the respective Componidori for Sartiglia. In fact, the same day, S'Oberaju Majori, which is the highest authority of the gremio of the peasants and the Majorale en cabo, the greatest exponent of gremio carpenters, chose among the many riders of Oristano, each appoint their own Componidori. These two knights respectively will have the task of commanding the Sartiglia on Sunday and “Fat Tuesday”of Mardi Gras.


The endowment officer, accompanied by the blare of trumpets and drum rolls, occurs in both cases with the delivery of a blessed candle to Componidori and his two aides, the first and second Company, escort him into office. The blessed candle which consecrates the investiture of the Knights, is doctorate with the image of the patron saint of their respective gremi and with ribbons that bear the colors of the corporations, red for the gremio peasants, under the invocation of St. John Baptist.  Pink and blue represent the colors for the gremio of carpenters, invoking St. Joseph.

There is a solemnity ceremony (a feast day of the highest rank in the liturgical calendar of the Roman Rite, celebrating a mystery of faith.) where on one hand the delivery of the candles reminds us of the religious significance of these ancient guilds.  On the other hand, the act of delivering the candle from the two gremi high authorities, to a delegate of clad knights signifies the assigning of Componidoris. This represents the privilege which in past centuries was the prerogative of its direct gremianti. In fact, as shown in the documents preserved in the Historical Archives of Oristano, during the eighteenth century, the same gremianti competed on horse, in equestrian events and Majorale played the same role of Mantenidor, ie capocorsa. On February 2, and then appoint de Componidoris, therefore marking the approach to the first act of Sartiglia.


On race day, Sunday morning, and also the following Tuesday, the protagonist of the day Componidori, after a visit to the stables by friends, knights and guest, he makes his way to the home of the highest authorities of his gremio. From here, around noon, a long procession lead by the trumpeters and drummers, accompanies the gremio and the rider to chose the place where the ceremony of investiture de Componidori.


Amongst those participating in the parade are the Massaieddas, young girls dressed in traditional costume with the ancient oristanese, in which corbule and baskets bearing the old clothes that these young ladies will use to dress Componidori. The ceremony is particularly impressive, to see the Massaieddas catering to the rider fitting him to wear the white shirt with lace, coietto, a long sleeveless leather jacket and belt. The ritual of dressing, which takes place on a small raised stage, culminating with the positioning on the face of the rider the ancient wooden mask.  The mask bares the colors of the gremio land for the peasants and the color wax for the gremio of carpenters, this dressing marks the successful transformation of man into Componidori.


Trumpets and drums accompany the entire dressing ceremony that ends with the placing of a white lace veil and a top hat on the head of Componidori. The tape holds two puff shirt to Componidoris, there is a camellia color veil placed on the at heart, red rose on Sunday and Tuesday, reminiscent of the colors of the two gremi from the old days, thus differentiating the two protagonists capocorsa figures for the two days.

Once the ceremony of dressing the Componidori is finished, there is a ceremony for the entering of Su Componidori horse. The richly caparisoned and beautifully decorated horse is brought in to the area which Componidori rises directly from the small stage. From that moment on the capocorsa must avoid any contact with the ground, he can never touch the ground until he returns after the entire day of racing is completed, and after removing the mask when he has officially completed the role of Su Componidori.


From here the procession of people in costume, followed by trumpeters and drummers, from professionals and all the teams of knights, preceded by Componidori and two of his aides, they reach reach the path of Sartiglia, by way of the cathedral, where the action takes place at the carousel of the star.

The Componidori officially opens the race by making a triple crossing of his swords first, going to the starting position, second the race announced by the sound of trumpets and the rolling of the drums, at full gallop, armed with a sword, try to capture a metal star, hanging from the center of the path up to the bell tower of the cathedral.


After he tempts the fate to capture a star, his companions pair, and amongst the 120 riders participating, only those who are selected in the course of the ride, from Componidori, usually about two-thirds of the participants take a turn at capturing the star. At the end of Componidori, returning the swords used by knights, he receives a wooden spear, and uses this as the sword. Only Su Componidori and his two assistants will be able to attempt to capture the star with the rapier.


Returned to the path of Componidori, handing the sword by the hand receives the highest authority of the gremio know pippia de maiu, a double bunch of violets.

Sa Remada is the ceremony to formally close the race by Su Componidori. It is the extreme test of skill and courage that Su Componidori accomplish this by addressing a full gallop along the route while lying back on the horse, he continues to bless the gremio, the crowd and all the participants in the race. Then the whole procession moves on a path located near the ancient medieval fortifications of the city where there is the second part of the event, the pairs run. According to the order of the parade, all the knights, in pairs, or three riders on three horses, compete in daredevil acrobatics.


All races, are once again announced by the blare of trumpets and drum rolls. The race opens with a pair of de Componidori: the three knights engage the path and sit on the horses galloping doing their best to avoid any danger and ensure the safety of capocorsa. Then follow the other pairs a numbers of high school students participate galloping and performing acrobatic horse rides. Componidori closes the race by making a last Remada, this time accompanied by his two companions galloping to retaliate. Once the racing comes together to accompany the procession of Componidori at the place where they will have the ceremony of undressing.


Componidori enters on his horse into the room and approaches the stage, as he must still not touch the ground, leaving his steed without touching the ground, he climbs off and on to a table immediately. The horse is taken care of and walked by to the stables by a workman while on Componidori receives praises and acclamations by all, in a blaze of trumpets and drums. Thus begins the ceremony of undressing officiated once again the Massaieddas, who must immediately remove the cylinder and the lace veil. While the trumpeters performing a special fanfare and the drummers prolong theme rolled, the Massaieddas finally take off from the face of the mask on Componidori and at that moment, the knight, ceases to be Componidori and returns to being a man.


All participants in the race and the entire community shake the hero of the day and begin entertainment that will last late into the night.  The celebrations is with everyone the professionals, commoners, guilds, riders and people of the community.

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